Using a spotter to maintain VLOS in the US

Hobbyists Must Fly VLOS in the US

Per Section 107.31, the person operating the drone is required to maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) with the drone throughout the entire flight. That means you should be able to see your drone with vision that is unaided by any device other than glasses or contacts. See more details here.

The FAA also allows a visual observer (VO) to maintain VLOS. The VO must be near the operator and be able to communicate verbally without the assistance of an electronic device. Using a VO generally is optional, but a VO is required if the operator is wearing FPV glasses/goggles that make it impossible to maintain VLOS.

You’ll be able to spot your drone easier during the day and night by attaching some type of bright lights to the body or landing gear of the drone. STROBON Cree strobe lights are one of the most commonly used lights and are currently the smallest, brightest strobe light available.

Flying with FPV Goggles or Glasses

This topic often comes up when people want to fly with googles like the DJI Goggles. Unfortunately, most goggles completely block the operator’s view, so they do not allow the operator to maintain VLOS. Glasses like the Epson Moverio BT-300 are one potential option that allow the aircraft to be seen while wearing the glasses.


FYI - FAA’s Drone Regulation Directory, Section 107.31 Section 107.31 Visual line of sight aircraft operation.

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Avegant Glyphs are also a great option.
The tablet or remote will need an HDMI port

Yep! I have those too. While they are great if you’re looking for a more compact set of goggles, they completely block the visual line of sight with drone.

I have to respecfully disagree.
I can look down at tablet or up to drone without moving goggles.

Looking down at the tablet is certainly doable since that angle is always visible. Looking up at the drone is only possible if your head is tilted down and you’re looking over the top of the headset. While possible to do either, I wouldn’t say that setup allows the drone to be “visible at all times to the operator”.