HOW TO: Retrieve photos/videos from internal memory on Mavic 2

Before you can start saving photos/videos on the Mavic 2’s internal memory card, you’ll need to set the “Storage Location” setting to “Internal Storage” in the following section of DJI GO:


If you do not have a memory card installed and you attempt to take a photo or record a video, DJI GO will prompt you to change that setting to “Internal Storage” if it’s not already set. Photos and videos will not start saving to the internal storage until after that setting has been changed.

After photos and videos have been saved to the internal storage location, they can be accessed from the following section of DJI GO:


You can also connect a USB Type-C cable between the port on the side of the Mavic 2 and your computer to access the photo/video files directly from the internal memory. You’ll be able to browse through the folders in the internal memory just like you do on your computer’s hard drive. You’ll find the photos in the “DCIM” –> “100MEDIA” folder.