HOW TO: Remove ring from Mavic Air camera

The ring on the Mavic Air camera always feel crazy tight the first time it’s removed. Here are some tips that should help you easily remove it:

  • Position three fingers evenly around the outside of the ring (so you can apply even pressure) like this:


  • Grip the ring as loosely as possible. If you grip the ring with a lot of force and/or attempt to use tools to remove it, it likely won’t budge and you might damage it.

  • Hold the camera steady with your other hand.

  • Push the ring against the camera with a little bit of pressure as you turn the ring counterclockwise.


  • Wear a rubber glove if the ring slips through your fingers.

If the above tips does not work, another option is to use the included USB Type-C cable to create a makeshift wrench.