HOW TO: Delete previously downloaded offline map regions in DJI GO


Most Android versions of DJI GO include an “Offline Map” feature that allows sections of the DJI GO map to be download and stored locally for use when your mobile device is not connected to the Internet. That downloaded map data can take up hundreds of MB of space on your mobile device. If you’re running low on space and are no longer flying in those cached map regions, you can delete the offline map data to free up that space.


Delete an Offline Map Region in DJI GO

Follow these steps to delete offline maps that were previously downloaded in DJI GO:

1) Tap the red boxes in the screenshots below to open the Offline Map feature in DJI GO and view the list of previously downloaded map regions.


Note: The Offline Map feature is not available in all versions of DJI GO. If you do not see that item listed in the menu above, you should install a version of DJI GO that includes that feature. You can find instructions for installing older versions of DJI GO here.

2) The offline map list shows all of the map regions that are stored locally on your mobile device. To delete a region, tap and swipe the region to the left (or tap and hold the region) and tap “Delete”.



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